Adrian with mask


Adrian Fulle is the Executive Producer at Poya Pictures.  This is his blog.


2014 has been off to an amazing start. First, we're into a new phase of video and marketing production for the indie game PHANTASM. It's been quite a journey from its inception to E3 promotion to shooting all the promos and video content. We still have much to produce, but the game is moving forward in a direction that is really exciting. I can't wait for you all to see the final product when it's released.  

Good news for one of our past productions; ROCK THE ROUTE is now on Apple TV on the Red Bull TV channel in its entirety. These are the same episodes that aired on NBC, but are broken up into shorter versions. If you have Apple TV, check them out. And while you're there, check out EXIT VINE; the series written by our friend Ashely Scott and directed by her man and our other friend, George Mays, who, by the way, were the couple behind the multi-award winning short film WOMEN that Poya produced. Exit Vine is another awesome crowd pleaser. 

This past Friday we wrapped a three week shoot for VOX INFLUX and I'm just finally catching up on sleep. It was a tough three weeks with production in the cold rain for some days and in extremely dirty quarters for others. We had some amazing stunts, pyro and special FX thanks to a great team that includes Tony Snegoff (stunt coordinator), Mark Richardson (weapons & props), Albert Lannutti (pyro) and Alexandria Storm (makeup FX).  We shot in Santa Clarita, North Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles and each stage and set offered its own unique set of challenges. This new media project saw us shooting multiple stories with a 1200 page script! It was insane, but somehow we pulled it off. 

I even got to hang with Bono for a moment. :)

- A